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WordPress Installation Service

Do you want to focus on your writing skills and your content without having to bother with technical stuff like configuring databases and hosting accounts?

We thought of a perfect solution for you!

We offer low price WordPress installation services as a part of our contribution to the WordPress community, helping to lower the entry level for new users.

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We divide our WordPress installation services into two main packages. The Basic WordPress Installation Package and the SEO WordPress Installation Package

Whats Included?

Basic WordPress Installation Package

  • The latest version of wordpress (manually installed – no script is used!)
  • 5 Free WordPress Themes
  • 5 Free WordPress plug-ins
  • Implementing analytics code
  • Basic configuration of titles, permalinks structure and other options
  • Setup a email address for you

Price: 60$ ~ or ~ FREE when buying hosting thru us


SEO WordPress Installation Package

  • Applying a series of actions developed after lots of research and experimentation to your new site for achieving maximum visibility in search engines like Google. Some SEO agencies will charge you hundreds of dollars just for this.
  • The latest version of wordpress (manually installed – no script is used!)
  • 5 SEO optimized WordPress Themes + 1 Theme you choose
  • 5 Free WordPress plug-ins
  • Implementing of analytics code
  • Theme adjustments (font colors, backgrounds, add your logo etc.)
  • Basic WordPress configuration. Titles, Permalinks structure and other options

Price: 90$ ~ or ~ 45$ when buying hosting thru us


once you complete the payment process, use the form below to enter the information from your hosting account.

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