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Over Deliver – a Key to Success

One of the mottos that always guided me thru my business life is “over deliver”.
There is no arguing about the fact that a happy and satisfied customer is your best advertising investment.

This is really basic.

Investing in your customer is one of the best investments you can ever make.

I can’t stress this harder. Always try to give your customer an extra bonus for doing business with you.

Differentiate your self from others.

Let your customers remember dealing with you as a pleasant experience.

Over deliver does not mean you should loose money.
You have to think of creative ways you can give your customer more than he expects and still being profitable.

This idea can be projected to the blogging world too.
Say you want to expand your rss readers.

How can you do it besides delivering great content to your readers?

One smart option could be to publish a special report that will be available only to your rss subscribers.

I know many bloggers achieved great results only with this little idea.

You’ll be amazed of how these little things can work for you.

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