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How To Turn Off Post Revision in WordPress

qmarkSince version 2.6 WordPress presented a new feature to enable post revisions tracking.

Revisions let you track edits that has been made on posts or pages, compare the current version with older ones and revert to them if you want to.

Each time a new version of a post or page is made, revisions are stored in the WordPress database. As times pass, the database might grow bigger and bigger, putting more strains on your web server / host and at some point even start to slow down page serving. Some shared hosting providers limit your MySql space usage and will charge extra if you exceed the space they allocated for you.

Fortunately, WordPress give us the option to disable this feature if we decide we don’t want or need it.

All you have to do in order to disable post revisions in your wordpress install is add the following line of code in wp-config.php located in the root or home directory of WordPress.

<?php define(’WP_POST_REVISIONS’, false); ?>

Once you add this line, wordpress will stop creating any revisions.

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